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Longmead Vets are proud to be one of a small number of practices that offer Laparoscopic surgery. Laparoscopy is a minimally invasive technique for performing abdominal surgery through tiny incisions in the abdominal wall. Our endoscopes magnify the organs and offer brilliant imaging to allow extremely precise surgery. Many pet owners are well aware of the benefits of ‘keyhole’ surgery having undergone various laparoscopic procedures themselves. The most common application of this technology in general practice is for the neutering of female dogs and for obtaining biopsies from the liver and pancreas. If your pet requires abdominal or thoracic surgery, we will advise you if a Laparoscopic approach is possible.

What are the advantages of Laparoscopic (Lap) speys?

  • Endoscopic procedures are less painful for your pet because the incisions are very small and the ovarian ligament is carefully cut and cauterised, rather than torn.
  • The surgery can be performed with greater precision due to a clear, bright, magnified image of your pet’s abdominal cavity.
  • In conventional speying, the incision is much larger leading to an increase risk of post operative complications relating to wound healing, suture line infections and self trauma.
  • There is a rapid return to full fitness (2-3 days)
  • Your pet will not have to wear a lampshade collar. We routinely discharge dogs with a medical T-shirt after laparoscopic surgery. Usually this is not required, but it depends on the individual dog. Generally speaking, the small incisions are not very painful so the dogs are much less likely to lick and traumatise the surgical site.

The following picture shows the extent of the two abdominal incisions required for a routine laparoscopic spey


Martin Smith

Thank you for recommending and doing the Laparoscopic spay for Noodle , she was back to normal after a day and showed no signs of discomfort at all , I would recommend it to anyone considering it .’

Lisa Jones

‘Our Border Collie has just had a laparoscopic spay and it was so simple and she is back to her normal self within 2 days…. simply brilliant! The staff are all great and looked after her so well can’t recommend them highly enough

RD Wickenssouth

I can definitely recommend this procedure over the traditional speying, Purdy is very comfortable and bright as a button after her operation. Thank you Steve and the Longmead team – as always!