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Dogs are obligate carnivores. They have a very rudimentary sense of taste compared to humans but have one of the best olfactory senses present in nature. Canine nutrition is an extremely complex subject and dietary requirements vary greatly depending on the size of the dog, its age and activity level. We offer free consultations for dietary advice and can help formulate a feeding regime which suits the individual animal.

In line with the current British Veterinary Association guidance we advise against the feeding of ‘raw meaty bones’. Commercially prepared foods have been formulated to provide the optimum balance of essential nutrients. The formulation of these diets is based on rigorous scientific research and the use of these diets by the majority of the pet owning public likely accounts for the increased health and longevity of dogs in the last few decades. The feeding of raw meat and bones carries particular risks. These include infections with pathogenic bacteria commonly associated with uncooked meat such as Salmonella  and intestinal damage or obstruction due to bone fragments. Giving your dog a large raw marrowbone under supervision is also not advised. These bones can still fragment and are a frequent cause of tooth damage.

In general the best diet for the majority of dogs is a good quality dry complete food appropriate for its life stage, breed and activity level. At the surgery we sell the Royal Canin range of cat and dog foods because we believe it is one of the best diets currently on the market and its formulation is based on extensive research. Our free dietary consultations service is available to clients regardless of the brand of food they intend to use.